Responding to concerns about returning to school with Covid 19

As young people begin to return to school, it is important that we address the disruption that they have been through and the worries they no doubt have.

Covid Resources contain lessons focussing on looking after mental wellbeing during the pandemic and issues specific to returning to school.

Unfortunately some children will have been exposed to trauma and abuse during lockdown, Handling Disclosures gives advice on what to do should a young person condife in you.

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This website has been created to provide teachers, youth leaders and other educators with free high quality, engaging lesson plans/ resources to teach young people about looking after their mental health.

There are a number of different units which all follow government guidelines in the teaching of mental health in schools. The ground rules that set the classroom environment are laid out in the 'Preparing to Teach' stand alone lesson. All other units reinforce the message of positive thinking examined in the core unit  which deals with stress and self esteem.

NB: Lessons do not outline different types of mental illness as I don't believe this is helpful. Instead the lessons focus on thoughts, feelings and situations common to all students, giving practical advice on how to deal with it in a positive way.

I have now added some INSET training material to help inform staff of the type of mental health issues common to many students to a certain degree. I have included information on Adverse Childhood Experiences as there will be children in the class who have experieinced at least one.  The INSET is to provide information about the impact on behaviour and performance in the classroom and to suggest practical ways in which schools can respond. 

It is suggested that the core unit is taught in year 7 with satellite units taught in further years as appropriate. Downloads are all linked to Google Docs however, you can download in what ever format suits from there.

I have chosen to keep resources free as I firmly believe that all young people should be given access to good quality materials that will help them understand their own mental health and what they can do to look after it.  I am also fully aware of the financial situation for many schools.

By downloading my lessons, you are agreeing not to recreate my materials to make a profit. 

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty." Maya Angelou

Rachel Symons (BN Hons - mental health, BA Hons, PGCE)

Rachel Symons