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This website has been created to provide teachers, youth leaders and other educators with free high quality, engaging lesson plans/ resources to teach young people about looking after their mental health.


It will eventually have a number of different units but they will all link back to key techniques, loosely based on cognitive behavoural therapy, taught in the the core unit which deals with stress and self esteem.


Information contained in my PowerPoints is readily available on the internet already, but I have used by skills and years of experience teaching, to present the techniques in a format that is accessible to both students and teachers.


Materials are currently aimed at years 8/9 but as I develop Thriving Futures, I plan to introduce materials for younger students.  As the materials are in PowerPoint format, they are easily adaptable to any audience.


I have chosen to keep resources free as I firmly believe that all young people should be given access to good quality materials that will help them understand their own mental health and what they can do to look after it. 

By downloading my lessons, you are agreeing not to recreate my materials to make a profit. 

  • About Thriving Futures

    The techniques used to teach better mental health are loosely based around cognitive behaviour therapy. They aim to improve understanding of why we think the way we do, and the impact this can have on how we feel and behave. In addition, I introduce strategies we can use to improve our self esteem, thus improve the way we think, feel and behave. Ultimately the goal is to thrive into the future, not just survive.

  • Lesson Plans

    An introductory PowerPoint explains the importance of Mental Health to students, befefore examining some ground rules for the lessons and signposting places of support.
    The Core Unit of Thriving Futures aims to teach the fundamentals of building self esteem, how this links to stress and healthy strategies to deal with stress.

    I will be developing more units, and adding them to this site including:
    Staying In Control: how to better manage emotions;
    Body Image: expectation vs reality;
    Social Media: thriving in an online world;
    and Developing Better Relationships.
    All these units will link back to the key ideas of self esteems and positive thinking, introduced in the core unit.

All lessons come with a detailed lesson plan, with a list of what resources are needed

Fundraising: The Brutal Triathlon

Raising money to support Childline's work in helping young people experiencing poor mental health

Check out the Childline Fundraiser Page to find out more about this truly epic challenge that I will taking on in September 2018.






"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty." Maya Angelou

Rachel Symons, Author

Rachel Symons