Core Unit: Developing Self Esteem and Coping with Stress

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This unit must be taught before any other unit as it develops understanding of why we develop low self esteem, what we can do to improve it and how all this links to coping with stress. In addition, the unit introduces long and short term coping strategies for managing difficult situations.  All these techniques will be refered back to in the other units, so it is vital they are covered first.


The unit contains 5 lessons:  


Lesson One:  Developing Self Confidence and Self Esteem

 This lesson examines the importance of self esteem and where we develop it, before introducing the thought spiral to explain how it effects our behaviour.

Lesson Two: Changing Your Thinking

  This lesson uses  the thought spiral to examine negative thinking patterns.

Lesson Three: The psychology of Stress

 This lesson examines how and why stress effects us before looking at how changing our thinking patterns can mean we cope better with the inevitable stress we will encounter.

Lesson Four: Planning a better future

 This lesson examines ways in which we can plan to make changes that can improve our future.

Lesson five:  Coping with life

  This lesson sums up the skills examined in the unit and looks at different coping strategies for dealing with stress.

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Core Unit: Home Booklet

The home booklet contains the main ideas/images from the unit. It details healthy coping strategies and places pupils can get extra help.

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