Staying in Control: Dealing with Anger

This unit uses techniques developed in the core unit to help students understand and manage their emotions.

 Lesson One:  Developing Self Confidence and Self Esteem

This introductory lesson, examines the causes of anger, how we respond to it and the effects it can have.

Lesson Two: Changing the way we respond to anger triggers 

This lesson examines how anger makes us think, feel and behave, and how we can begin to change this by recognising SAD MAP thinking.

Lesson Three: Understanding the purpose of anger 

This lesson addresses the purpose of anger and how to deal with it in a more positive way.  It also touches on self harm. In line with government advice, don’t go into detail but do emphasise sources of help.

Lesson Four: Keeping anger under control 

This lesson aims to consolidate understanding of previous lessons, and gives the chance to practice use some of the techniques established.

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