Managing Social Media: Thriving in an Online World

This unit examines how social media can effect our mental health.  It is a mixture of information and  a recap of CBT techniques linked specifically to the demands of social media.  It aims to build resilience against possible harm and an understanding of what can be done to reduce negeative experiences. 

Lesson One: The Problem with Social Media

 This introductory lesson examines the advantages and disadvantages of social media before looking at the effect it can have on our mental health, and what we can do about it.

Lesson Two: Anti-social Media

 This lesson examines the dangers of social media including meeting up and sexting.  It sets out to question why people do this by recapping some of the key ideas from the core unit.

Lesson Three:  A Perfect World

 This lesson examines the illusion of perfection and uses the #statusofmind report to investigate the advantages/ disadvantages of  specific social media sites.

Lesson Four: Be Kind

 This lesson looks at the effects of cyber bullying by using the This Morning ‘Be Kind Campaign’. It examines police advice for people receiving online abuse, and what to do if you have been part of online bullying.  

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