Understanding the Green Paper

The prevalence of emerging mental health disorders is increasing with the latest statistics revealing 1 in 8 have a diagnosable disorder. Services are struggling to cope with the level of demand evident from increased waiting times, compounded by a reduction in the amount of services, leading to up to 75% of children and young people (CYP) failing to meet the threshold for service provision. This means that schools are often the first place CYP and their families look to seek support for mental health, making it vital that schools can respond appropriately. However, teachers often feel they lack the knowledge and expertise to handle such issues and have expressed a desire for better communication with mental health services.

The Government’s Green Paper: Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision (Department of Health/ Department for Education, 2017), outlines its intention to transform services through the use of collaborative working between educational and mental health services.

It is split into 3 sections: 

School based Designated Senior Lead for Mental Health

NHS based Mental Health Support Teams 

Reducing waiting times for child and adolescent mental health services

This page will examine the requirements and implications of the Green Paper.

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