Form Time Well Being by Dr Tina Rae

Dr Tina Rae has over 30 years' experience working with children, adults and families in both clinical and educational contexts within local authorities and specialist educational services (for more information about Tina scroll to the bottom of the page)

This page is dedicated to 20 short presentations she has designed for Teens and Tweens which focus on building understanding of mental health and tools and strategies they can use to improve their wellbeing.

Each presentation is around 10 minutes long so perfect for showing in form time or assembly. This would work best with a whole school approach so all teachers are aware of the focus, can support students with the skills and tips being examined and signpost to the relevant member of staff for further support.

Have a look and pick and choose what is appropriate for your students.

TEENS & TWEENS 1 A Quick Focus on mental health 9 Top Tips

TEENS & TWEENS 2 A Quick Focus on Stress Causes and self-help tools

TEENS & TWEENS 3 A Quick Focus on Challenging Negative Thoughts

TEENS & TWEENS 4 A Quick Focus on Anxiety and worry – causes and self-help tools

TEENS & TWEENS 5 A Quick Focus on Relaxation

TEENS & TWEENS 6 A Quick Focus on Social Media

TEENS & TWEENS 7 A Quick Focus on Problem solving skills

TEENS & TWEENS 8 A Quick Focus on Perfectionism

TEENS & TWEENS 9 A Quick Focus on Positive Psychology Strategies

TEENS & TWEENS 10 A Quick Focus on Making a Wellbeing plan

TEENS & TWEENS 11 A Quick Focus on Mindfulness strategies

TEENS & TWEENS 12 A Quick Focus on Body Image

TEENS & TWEENS 13 A Quick Focus on Managing exam stress

TEENS & TWEENS 14 A Quick Focus on Emotional Literacy

TEENS & TWEENS 15 A Quick Focus on Healthy Relationships

TEENS & TWEENS 16 A Quick Focus on Healthy Body Healthy Mind

TEENS & TWEENS 17 A Quick Focus on Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

TEENS & TWEENS 18 A Quick Focus on Eating Disorders

TEENS & TWEENS 19 A Quick Focus on self esteem

TEENS & TWEENS 20 A Quick Focus on keeping safe online

Tina Rae: A short biography

Dr Tina Rae is currently working as a Consultant Educational and Child Psychologist in a range of SEBD/SEMH and mainstream contexts and for Compass Fostering as a Consultant Psychologist supporting foster carers, social workers and Looked after children.

Tina is a registered member of the Health and Care Professions Council and a full member of the British Psychological Society. She is also a member of ENSEC (European Network for Social and Emotional Competence), until recently, a trustee of the Nurture Group Network (NGN) now Nurture UK, a member of the editorial board for the journal Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and for the International Journal of Nurture in Education.

Tina is a prolific author and has over 100 publications to date focussing on the health & wellbeing of children & young people. These consist of books aimed directly at young people themselves, information for schools & teachers to support CYP and programmes that can be used to teach psychoeducation. These can be accessed here.

Tina Rae: BA (hons) PGCE MA(Ed) Msc RSADipSpLD DipPsych ALCM Doc App Ch Ed Psy MBPS HCPC registered Child and Educational Psychologist, Author and Educational Consultant

Follow Tina on Twitter @DrTinarae where she regularly shares useful resources and strategies. Tina's YouTube channel is also regularly updated with a wide range of helpful CPD sessions and activities.